Friday, April 08, 2005


So, the Pope died.

Yeah, I guess we should say something, but what I must address is this sickening sucking-up my Christian brothers are doing. I've been looking at other Christian blogs, and everyone keeps talking about how NICE of a guy he was! He-llo, people! The man was Catholic!

I don't care what you've heard: only true Baptists are really Christians. It's nice that Catholics worship Jesus, and that they believe Jesus is the key to mankind's salvation, but I'm afraid there's just a LITTLE more required of Christians.

When was the last time the Pope went on a missions trip to Mexico, wearing a suit and passing out pocket Bibles? Has he ever even gone to a potluck? I bet he doesn't even KNOW what a hotdish is. The non-Baptist heathen.

Maybe when people open their eyes and stop being intimidated by the millions of Pope supporters, the truth will be seen and people will stop getting all mushy and stuff over a guy with a big hat.


Uh, I gotta go... I hear some noises... At the front door...

(Auuuugh! Let go of me! I swear I didn't mean--!)


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