Thursday, January 26, 2006


hey guyz wats up???/ im angelface05!! nice to meet u

this is sooo kewl im on the internet!! i've nevr been on here b4, plz be gentle even tho my speeling isnt god. some1 once told me about 'spellcheck' wats that?? oh well

SO ANYWAAY guys u wont believe it!! i came over to chris's house bcuz hes a christan (and a sex demon LOL ) and i was talking to my b/f over the phone. we got in a fight becuz my b/f said evolutin was true and i said "NO WAY IT'S SATANS IDEA" and he called me a fruitcake and hung up on me

so now we're totally brake up & no i have no b/f/ but i guess its ok sinse im pretty sure the bible says dating is bad??

anyway i like smilies dont u?? i luv smilies and angels (see my name, it makes sense dosnt it LOL)

look at all my pretty angles!!

haha there so cute.! ^____^

also i luv anime almost as i luv jesus christ!!! of course not more but i do luv it!!1 my fav. anime is yugioh becuz it has yugi in it and he is sexy

check out this piccy of him that i found on a website:

isnt he cute!!!!! im going to mary him! u cant have him either

OKAY its been cool now im going back to my christian anime forum where we compare jesus to anime heroes!!! (i think that one guy in gundam wing could beet jessus in a fight...)

okay ttyl!!! CYA LUV U!



And that's why I haven't posted in forever.


At 7:04 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I love this one.


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